The women have precious right to change their opinion. I am more than ready to change my opinion of a person I quite openly criticized couple of years ago. I don’t say I was wrong then, but saying those same things of her now, would be unfair. Continue Reading »


The internetic security firm chief Mikko Hypponen found an trash mail advertising bulk mail services. They asked not to publish the e-mail adress, who the poster was hiding behind the classic technique info [at] bulk-mail [dot] org. In their blog f-secure warned that nobody should publicly give out the real adress (, because otherwise spammer could get spam.

The original blogging of F-Secure.

The World Food Program (WFP) an UN-program that feeds people during catastrophes etc. has been calling for more donations due to raised prices of food. You can help and learn languages (English, French, German, Spanish & Italian), mathematics, chemistry, geography or art, while doing it in Free Rice.

Basic Food should be always available, so their mission is important. According to latest news they have already fed 2 million hungre stricken people thanks to this game / quiz.

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